French Bulldog puppies for sale in Israel

French bulldog puppies for sale in Israel can be hard to find a good breeder but we are chantel bullie we can help ship your puppy and pick it up at your nearest airport. but before you buy from us read the bellow reasons why french bulldogs will make a better pet.

Reasons Why French Bulldogs or “Frenchies” Are Irresistible Companions

The French Bulldog has become more and more popular over the years. But if you haven’t jumped on the French bandwagon just yet, these 15 facts about the playful breed will no doubt make you a fan!

 The French Bulldog isn’t really French. The breed actually originated in and around Nottingham, England, which was the center of lace making. This small bulldog was a companion to the lace makers and ratter-in-chief. As the Industrial Revolution took hold in England, cottage industries such as lace making were threatened by mechanization, and many lace makers relocated to France. Naturally, they took their dogs with them, and it wasn’t long before the French fell in love with the breed.

 French Bulldogs can be very stubborn and hard-headed. You won’t win a battle of wills, but positive, patient, and consistent training — especially with food rewards — is effective. However, even after they learn a trick or behavior, they may do their own interpretation of it.

How to Choose the Right French Bulldog Puppy?

Therefore, if you already decided to own a Frenchie, we’re sure you have asked yourself how you’ll know to choose the right French bulldog puppy. It can be a very difficult task, especially in case you don’t have any experience. Although it takes certain research, it’s well worth the effort.

What does a future French bulldog owner need to know?

First of all, every future Frenchie owner should know the standard features of a French bulldog. These lovely dogs are small, compactly built, have a short coat and bat-looking ears. Their overall appearance can be described as extremely friendly dogs with huge hearts.


Originally, French bulldogs had rose-shaped ears, similar to their larger relative, the English bulldog. English breeders much preferred the shape, but American breeders liked the unique bat ears. When a rose-eared bulldog was featured at the Westminster Kennel Club in 1897, American dog fanciers were very angry

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